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    How to make a worm compost bin – my diy project

    To buy a worm compost bin or make your own? That is the question. There are commercial worm farms available on the market that don’t break the bank, costing from $AU60 to $AU80. I have yet to try them out, but I believe they are adequate for the needs of home composters or the hobby worm farmer. However, if you are going for the cheapest option available, then a home made compost bin will cost less and give you the satisfaction of using something you have made yourself. A diy worm farm can be as simple or complex as  you want to make it. In the spirit of recycling, you…

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    Wondering how to buy compost worms? What you need to know

    You’ve watched a program or maybe read an article. It was about using composting worms to turn your household scraps into nutrient rich fertiliser. Perhaps you wish to be a responsible custodian of your little patch of the planet and keep your scraps out of landfill or you might want to try using worm castings as a soil amendment on your flowers or vegetables. Some people want to farm worms to feed a beloved pet or to supply affordable bait for their fishing interests. Whatever your motivation or how you came to be here, you are now wondering how to buy compost worms. It basically comes down to two choices –…

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    About Dianna

    Hi Wormi friends and welcome to my website! I have been composting with red wriggler worms since July 2017 and am still very much a newcomer to the world of worm farming and vermicomposting. My first experiences with composting was my dad’s pile of grass clippings in the back yard. Dad rarely did anything with this pile of goodness, but each time he mowed he would tip more clippings on top of the pile and leave it to the elements. Mum did her part by collecting food scraps in a bin and I would be given the job of taking the scraps out to the grass pile. My Career path…